About the Book

Public No More examines the rapidly changing environment within public higher education, explaining the many adjustments that universities can make to educate and compete in today’s non-profit and growing for-profit arenas.

This book offers a strategic framework for setting tuition; accommodating access; and determining quality, program scope, and operating efficiencies. It discusses university finances, the implications of internal cross subsidies, and the attractive aspects of alternative budgeting models. The authors also examine the governance structures that lead legislators, regents, administrators and faculty to believe they each have the right to decide key issues. Since their multiple perspectives lead to conflict, the text provides recommendations to achieve better outcomes.

Ultimately, “public no more” universities must have clear visions, streamlined governance structures, condensed scope, a more entrepreneurial approach and a reduced sense of dependency and entitlement. Throughout the book, readers will find explanations for needed changes and real-world examples that illustrate successful and unsuccessful adoptions of the authors’ proposals.

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